Velcro Zipper
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黑龙江快乐十分开 Velcro brand Press-Loc Zipper is a market leader in Velcro closures. The main characteristic of  this style of zipper is it's ease of alignment and minimal pressure required to reclose the pack. For the consumer there is a reassuring audible click when the zipper is closed. This style of zipper is also particularly well suited to applications involving powder such as whey protein powders. The multi rows of hooks ensures that there is always some contact between both sides of the zipper  even if they are not aligned totally. If you have any question regarding Velcro zipper please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • icon02.pngBaby Food
  • icon03.pngBig Capacity
  • icon06.pngHigh barrier
  • icon07.pngHousehold chemical
  • icon08.pngLaundry Detergent
  • icon09.pngOil Product
  • icon10.pngRecyclable
  • icon12.pngRound Corner
  • icon14.pngShaped Pouch
  • icon15.pngUp to 12 colors

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Velcro Zipper
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